Frequently asked questions and answers

The very beginning was related to defining the problem of fast fashion, as well as its solution. It all started when my husband and I (Sonja Nikolić-Oljača, designer and founder of the brand) watched the movie “True cost”, not so long ago in 2018. year, which speaks in a brutally honest way about the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the eco system, on the lives of the people of the third world, on the creation of addiction to shopping in Western countries, and therefore on the wear and tear of clothes that very quickly become waste.

According to data from the UN Economic Commission for Europe, the fashion industry produces as much as 10% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, which is five times more than the aviation industry. In addition, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of wastewater. The problem lies not only in the production of clothes, but also in their disposal after they are no longer worn. Non-biodegradable materials sit in landfills for 200 years, clothes end up not only in landfills, but also in the sea, and polyester t-shirts release microplastics every time we wash them. This industry is heavily dependent on manual labor and employs around 40 million people around the world who are paid less than the minimum wage and work in inhumane conditions. Most of them are employed by women. On the other hand, the solution to that problem is local production, with careful selection of materials and models that will last a long time (so-called slow fashion).

I was aware that although women love comfort, they also love to look beautiful, to feel beautiful. With that idea, I set out in the direction of designing a collection that will be sufficiently attractive, affordable and wearable in the long run, so to say untrendy but timeless, and my husband in the direction of creating a web shop through which these products will be sold. This was followed by production planning, procurement of materials and accessories, the first, second, third stencils and their samples, and with a lot of effort and effort on both sides, 1. April 2019 the website starts working, and therefore the first, second, third, etc. orders arrive.

Since then, Cozy production and sales have been on an upward trajectory. The name COZY itself was a test name for us while I was dealing with production planning and not branding, however, when I had to give it a name, I was already too attached to COZY and that was it. As cliche as it may sound, it reminds us to never deviate from that path of comfort and softness.

When it comes to materials, we choose only 100% natural, allergen-free – organic certified cotton, modal, viscose, cotton twill and poplin shirt are some of the materials found in our collections. We use quality and soft materials for every piece of clothing because you deserve to feel your best in your second skin – the clothes you wear.

Organic cotton is produced in a traditional way, which, when compared to conventional cotton, is much more friendly to the global eco-system and human health. It is a far better choice for skin, especially sensitive and prone to allergies, because no chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or insecticides are used in its production, and therefore it does not harm the workers involved in its production.

Also, the production of organic cotton uses 70% less water and 60% less energy than the production of standard cotton. GOTS certification guarantees that cotton production is thoroughly checked and monitored from the source to the final product (available on request).

All our models are produced in Serbia.

When viewing the product, you have a Size Chart of standard body measurements. Also, with each product you have printed dimensions for each size. If you are still not sure about the size, you can always write to us on Instagram cozy2wear / Facebook cozy2wear or call us on the phone number +381606788558.

You can try all COZY products in our studio in New Belgrade every working day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You only need to call +381606788558 to make sure someone is in the studio when you come.

You can order the COZY wardrobe through our website, where you will enter your delivery information during the order and choose the payment method.

We send shipments by Post Express and D-Express, and your order usually arrives within one to two working days at the desired address. If you have a preference for one of these two courier services, please let us know in the notes when ordering.

Postage is free for all orders over 6,000 rsd, which are sent within the Republic of Serbia, otherwise it is 390 rsd. For international orders, follow the link to the Post Express shipping cost calculator.

You can pay for your order in three ways – cash on delivery to the courier upon delivery, payment to the company’s account or payment cards.

We have. In the product list, you can find a special section called Gift Card where you can specify the amount. We send the gift card to your email address after the registered payment to the account of the given amount. All products purchased with a Gift Card come with free shipping and are packaged in a gift box.

Of course! By law, you have the right to exchange and return everything you buy within 14 days from the date of receipt, and we will send you the desired replacement product as soon as possible or give you a refund, depending on whether you exchange or return. In both cases, you need to fill out our Return/Exchange Form that came with the product. If you accidentally threw it away, click HERE to download the Form.

We are most characterized by a casual and subtle style, a simplified and minimalist design, as well as a selection of colors that make it easy to combine. We want you to find all the most basic things you want in your capsule wardrobe with us, not to wander around the shopping center, not to buy something because someone shoved it under your nose, but because you really need it. The design is adapted to online shopping, and multiple body shapes, so we have a lot of elastic belts, wide models, tight and stretchy dresses, shirt-dresses with a belt that gathers at the waist. We just want women to feel good in our models and we do everything to make such a product. Our strength lies in simplicity. Light and quick to put on and combine, COZY clothing is an investment in a more comfortable life.

A COZY girl just likes to be comfortable. It doesn’t matter to her what other people think about her, she wears her own style. She is sure of herself, knows what she wants, and always chooses quality over quantity. She wears clothes that bring out the best in her. She walks in it confidently, fluttering, unhindered, while people look at her and admire her lightness and energy. She wears clothes like her second skin, and chooses only natural materials. Brands and expensive brands do not attract her, and she finds true value in everyday life. Did you find yourself? Yes, that girl, that’s you.